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Frequently Asked Questions About HOPE Alkazar

What exactly is HOPE Alkazar?

HOPE Alkazar, "The Stage of Movement", is a platform that brings together people and communities that make a difference with their ideas and work on the axis of sports, culture and arts, centered on the purpose of social good, implemented by Nike and its program partners.

A meeting point for those who feel they have a purpose in life, who dream of a better common future not only for themselves but for everyone, who believe in equality in every sense, and who are ready to take action in the areas of diversity and sustainability.

Where is HOPE Alkazar?

Our answer is simple: Wherever you are! Located right next to the renovated Nike Istanbul - Beyoğlu store, you can access HOPE Alkazar from anywhere, without digital and/or physical barriers. You can register for the experiences and physically take your place on the stage or connect to HOPE Alkazar from wherever you are through live broadcasts. For details

How can I access details about HOPE Alkazar?

You can access all detailed information about HOPE Alkazar, "The Stage of Movement" at To be informed about new experiences, we recommend you to follow @hopealkazar Instagram account and create a HOPE Alkazar membership on the website. Don't forget to download the Nike App and follow the HOPE Alkazar program for priority access to experiences.

When is HOPE Alkazar opening?

HOPE Alkazar opens its doors on November 20-21, 2021 with a full program, both physically and digitally. For comprehensive information

What kind of events will take place at HOPE Alkazar?

HOPE Alkazar will physically and digitally host many experiences in the fields of sports, culture and art. You can reach the program details, which are fed by the values of HOPE Alkazar and carefully shaped with program partners, at  very soon.

How do I become a member of HOPE Alkazar and what privileges will I have as a member?

To become a member of HOPE Alkazar, you can go to the Join Us page on the website: As a member, you can learn about all the experiences before anyone else and take your place, and you can easily realize your transactions such as tickets and payment/refund.

I signed up for an experience at HOPE Alkazar. How can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel free experiences on HOPE Alkazar from the My Experiences page in your profile. The conditions of paid experiences vary. You can find information about cancellation in the description section of the relevant experience, and you can contact us at [email protected] for all your questions.

How can I unsubscribe from emails and messages from HOPE Alkazar?

To edit your communication options from HOPE Alkazar, you can log in to the website and go to the My Account Information section.

How can I send my suggestions and feedback about HOPE Alkazar venue and/or program?

Feedback about the venue and program is very important for us to improve your experience. You can always contact us by filling out the form in the Contact section of our website.

How exactly are Covid-19 regulations implemented at HOPE Alkazar?

We know that you need to feel safe and well before you can act as you wish. For this, we take the necessary measures in accordance with the relevant law and Ministry of Health regulations. For more information, please visit the Covid-19 section of our website.

Can everyone enter HOPE Alkazar?

HOPE Alkazar is open to everyone. By signing up for the experiences in the program, you can benefit from the studios or other food, beverage and work areas at any time during working hours. To do this, simply download the Nike App on your mobile phone and become a Nike member. By creating an account on the app, you can easily access the entire Nike world and HOPE Alkazar experiences.

Will the reservation I make on to participate in the experiences also apply to my friends/family?

All reservations made on for anyone over the age of 18 are individual. You should make sure that everyone you want to join with is also registered for the experience.

I signed up for the waiting list, does this mean I can participate in the experience?

No, it does not. The waiting list opens when the experience is full. By registering on the waiting list, you can get a chance to participate if a space opens up. If there is space, we will contact you on your phone number a few days before the experience to confirm your participation.

What are the opening and closing hours of HOPE Alkazar and which days does it operate?

HOPE Alkazar is open between 10.00-20.30 every day of the week except Mondays.

What kind of spaces are there in HOPE Alkazar?

HOPE Alkazar has areas such as Alkazar Hall, named after the building itself, Creative Studio, Sports Studio, terrace, basketball/volleyball court and cafes. You can find detailed information and visuals about these areas here:

Are there catering facilities? Can I bring food and drinks from outside?

Although you cannot bring food and drinks to HOPE Alkazar, there are different areas you can benefit from. You can check here to discover the areas such as Alkazar Cafe, Play Cafe and Terrace - Vertical Garden, where we collaborated with the Ek Biç Ye İç team:

Are there lockers and shower areas in the Sports Studio?

There are changing rooms, lockers and shower areas in our building for you to use throughout the experience so you can move freely. However, please note that you should bring towels and personal hygiene products with you.

Do I need to bring equipment for the workshop and studio experiences at HOPE Alkazar?

HOPE Alkazar has the necessary equipment in the studio and workshop areas. If you need equipment other than these, you can find this information in the description section of the relevant experience.

Is the Creative Studio open for external use?

Yes, it is. You can get information about the availability of the space by contacting us for the use of the studio.

Who can I contact to organize an event in HOPE Alkazar halls?

You can share details about your event plan with us at [email protected]. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I consult for my lost items?

You are responsible for your personal belongings during your stay at HOPE Alkazar. For this reason, we recommend that you especially keep your valuables with you in case of any mishap. If you lose something, you can contact the information desk at the entrance.

Can I bring my camera with me? Can I take photos/videos during the show/experience?

You can of course take personal photos and videos with your mobile device during your experiences at HOPE Alkazar. It is not appropriate to use a professional camera/camera. You can access the professional photos and videos taken by our own team during the experiences on our website and @hopealkazar Instagram page. In some special events, shooting may not be allowed. You can see the information about this in the description section of the relevant experience. Please note that in cases where personal shooting is allowed, you should take care not to violate the personal rights and privacy of other participants.


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