Stage fright?

Nah. No way. Not here.

This is no time for standing still.

Now is the time to move. To be moved. 

It’s time for a new story. Your story. 

Written with your hands, feet, heart, and mind.

It’s time to let your energy bounce off these walls, 

and out into the world.

This is your stage to move forward.

Welcome to HOPE Alkazar.

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Values Spaces

Yeni Medya Sanatçısı Refik Anadol ve Cihangir Yoga

Yeni Medya Sanatçısı Refik Anadol ve Cihangir Yoga


HOPE Alkazar explores new ground.

A stage to climb above the familiar.

Peek over the fence into the future.

And see a different perspective on the everyday.

‘Calling all day-dreamers.’

New futures need newcomers.

You in?

Podcast Yayıncısı Tuluğ Özlü ve Sanatçı Esra Gülmen

Sanatçı Esra Gülmen


HOPE Alkazar welcomes you with open arms.

and an open mind.

This stage is for all ages.

all backgrounds.

All genders, and non-conformERs.

All girls tired of being told, “sport isn’t for you”.

It welcomes who you are and who you want to be.

Stage is yours.

You in?

Dans Fabrika ve Performans Sanatçısı Ekin Bernay

Performans Sanatçısı Ekin Bernay


HOPE Alkazar goes beyond borders.

Beyond the Beyoğlu,

from Taksim to wherever you call home.

Enter this stage on street-level,

across continents, or at the click of a button.

This is where ‘east-meets-west’ meets the world.

You in?

Milli Voleybolcu Ebrar Karakurt ve SosyalBen Vakfı

Milli Voleybolcu Ebrar Karakurt ve SosyalBen Vakfı


HOPE Alkazar is for the greater good.

Not just the lucky ones.

Or the kid whose dad ‘knows a guy’.

This is a stage for the whole community.

To combine talents and to grow.

In sport, in culture and in life.

Because when we move together,

we can move mountains.

You in?

Onaranlar Kulubü ve Cedi Osman

Onaranlar Kulubü ve Cedi Osman


HOPE Alkazar moves towards zero.

Towards zero waste, zero carbon.

If humanity had a play-off final – this is it.

losing is not an option.

to support the future of sport,

We must strive to protect our biggest court of all.

And on this stage, it’s game on.

You in?

HOPE Alkazar Spaces

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HOPE Alkazar experience begins at the Alkazar Hall. This is the innovative stage of the future. Here, the movement begins, curiosity climbs to the top. New media artist Refik Anadol and many different experiences are waiting for you on the stage of innovation. Are you ready to take your place?



HOPE Alkazar is open to anyone. And the Sports Studio is a free space where everyone can show their 'movements'. It's not who you are or where you come from, it's what you do that matters here. Esra Gülmen designed the Sports Studio by placing values such as diversity, empathy, supporting each other, and empowerment at the centre and she invites you to take action now. Are you ready to rediscover your potential and show it to everyone?



HOPE Alkazar is the stage of those who dream of a sustainable future and work hard to make that happen. At Creative Studio, you meet people who respect the environment, consider tomorrow and take action for this. The Restorers' Club and many different experiences are waiting for you at Creative Studio for a sustainable future. Are you ready to be a part of the team?



Alkazar Cafe

We believe that a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable life that we dream of can also be possible in the city thanks to Cultivate, Eat & Drink Team. Here we have the opportunity to try them all! Alkazar Cafe HOPE is located on the first floor of Alkazar and is waiting for you to make informed choices both for yourself and for our future in the city with a menu full of healthy products prepared with ingredients that we know where they come from and how they are produced....

Play Cafe

Cultivate, Eat & Drink Team works to ensure that the ingredients used in our menu are as local, organic and sustainable as possible. So we decided that if we were going to drink coffee, we'd better drink the one we know where it came from and who roasted it. Of course, there are sweet and salty, healthy snacks that sometimes energizing and sometimes taking the stress of the day off, and putting a smile on our faces....

Terrace-Vertical Garden

With its Cultivate, Eat & Drink team, HOPE Alkazar invites you to imagine a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable life in the most crowded point of the city. This is an invitation to grow our food, clean our air, protect our water, enjoy the taste of production and be part of the perfect cycles in nature by working with the city and using an abundant resource that the city offers us, that is, walls....

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